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I cant even post at my LJ!
So, to keep this journal alive, here are some Kame icons made of boredom. Enjoy!

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Kay, I have not updated for a long time. But I'm here now, ne? ^^
This is just an ordinary post, you should know. It does not contain icons or graphics, either.(although I am preparing a big Kame-icons post. I thought he would deserve a post only for him =] ) I just had to talk to someone right now, who would sit and listen to me xD Cuz my mum and dad are too busy (or lazy?) to talk to me. 
Now. School's going fine. I think I am doing fine in maths and bulgarian. But my teachers are soo stupid, aren't they. Yesterday I quarreled with my music teacher again. He said we should have a test then and I stood up. I told him that this year we have only studied some stupid texts of songs, how should we know sth bout the opera? Is he stupid? Baaka. Then he took me to the teachers' room but my teacher was not there, so he told me he would meet her today and tell her how I had behaved in class. But he didn't. Hahahahahaha. The good always win. 
But it is also fun it school. The girls in my class had a big quarrel and the teachers divided us to sit with a girl from the other group. The interesting thing was, that we became friends. Now me, Jana, Monny, Betty and Betty, Maria are reaaally good friends. We are together all the time and laugh during the classes (and make our teachers mad, lol). But the problem is that the other girls are very jealous. That made me think: are we women more jealous that men? Or it is more because of that girls? I'm tired now so I don't want to think about that. 
Home's okay too. I have good school marks so my parents are happy. But they are too worried bout the exams at the end of the year and high school. I think they worry too much. I know I can do it.
Friday me and the girls are going out again. Today we are going to stay at Betty's and make hairstyles, make-up, you know.. girls' things. The worst is that before that I have to go to a maths lessons. Well, I guess this is the cost for getting into the school I want.. Haha ^^ Okay, I have to go now. Bye bye :)


Writer's Block: Happy Friday

What are you most looking forward to this weekend?
 I'm looking forward to relaxing. I can't wait to get up late in the mornings and lie down till lunch. I will go out everyday and .. I'LL HAVE A REST!
Unfortunately, I have a feeling that this won't happen.
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Writer's Block: Won't You Be My Neighbor?

What are your neighbors like?
Well, i can say they are nice. The ones next door are pretty annoying sometimes, because their dog barks all the time, even at night! Although we are in a big town, they look after several hens and pigs .. it's strange
The others next door are nice too they are not as noisy as the first. I can't say they have negative sides.
The ones in front are nice, they are our family friends. The woman is a doctor, i can remember how when i was little, i stucked a peanut into my nose and she took it out. The man is very nice, too, and they have a little sweet dog.

dgm icons

 first post in my journal, yaaaay. school's so boring and makes me busy. i have been recently making some d.gray-man icons so now i chose the best of them and post them here. ^^